Now you can white label the Task mobile app – meaning you can add your company branding and control the content at important interaction points with your users.

Task provides you with a sub-brand approach which means users download and install the Task app – but when they are inside the app they’ll be greeted with whatever you decide is most important. This way you get rid of the costly overheads of managing your own mobile app, and control content, branding and presentation to the teams you engage with.

Let’s give you a brief tour of the key changes you’ll get with a Task white label account.

Timeline control

While the timeline continues to operate providing updates on project activities, now you get a central place for your business to view the latest updates, with easy social sharing of content where you permit it.

We can connect to your existing blog system, which means all your news updates get automatically sent out to everyone via the timeline. You can also send custom updates such as rewards and other pieces of information you want to share.

Branded Discover area

We give you complete control over our Discover area! Anyone you invite into your organisation sees a Discover area that’s created to your own personal spec.

You can provide blog content, featured projects, and any other information you’d like to provide as the central focus around your business, and how you expect people to use the app.

Automated onboarding

Building out the teams around your projects and initiatives is easy – either invite directly using email addresses, or share invitation urls. Actually this is not dependent on you having a white labelled account, this type of onboarding is standard for all Task accounts – but it fits with the overall brand control you benefit from.

We’ll help you create “onboarding projects” that allow your new users to understand exactly what’s expected of them, and to find their way around. This combined with your own Discover area makes the Task app truly your own.

Team notifications

You get full push notification functionality with the branded app – as well as the ability to insert your own updates into the Notification page of your users.

Extend the reach of your marketing team by letting users know when fresh news items and blog posts have been released, rewards or other milestones achieved.

Rewards & workplace giving

You don’t need the white labelled version of Task for this – but its worth looking at how you can incentivise behaviour with the right rewards.

Create your branded “points” system that users can earn when they complete activities. Let them exchange these points to facilitate workplace giving, supporting the causes your organisation is already focussing on. Work with your partners who would like to offer rewards to your user groups.

Want to get started?

Drop the Task team an email at and we’ll talk you through the steps to get a white label setup for your brand.