We’re excited to announce the first release of the Task project “170 aligned UN SDG actions” – an open project that anyone can join. We have released the first 10 activities that track against the UN SDG Goal “1. No Poverty”, and will add more goals in the coming weeks.

SDG No Poverty

What is it?

We have been inspired by the excellent 170 daily actions to transform our world which “…contains 10 daily suggestions for each Goal on how you can make a difference in the world around you.”

While aimed at Students, there are many simple activities which work across all age groups, and can provide the basis for an organisation to implement a SDG goal based initiative with their employees.

Who can get involved?

Anyone can get involved. You will find the project listed in the Task Discover area and we encourage you to join!

You will earn one TRIBE token per activity. Of course, some activities require much more effort than others – but for us this is all about the power of one action, taken by any of us – to create change.

What if you want your own version?

As soon as we complete the project, adding as many of the 170 actions as we can – we will release it as a “Task recipe” that you can use in your own initiatives.

Don’t worry if 170 actions sounds overwhelming! You just choose the ones that align with your organisations social and sustainability missions, providing a focussed action list thats right for you.

Simplifying SDG reporting

We’re are building in defined metrics within these activities to automate as much as possible reporting back on your SDG Goal activity. That means as different organisations use this project, the ability to report back on contribution and cross-compare will become much easier.

To join the project and start engaging in the SDG activities, tap here to download the mobile app.