We held the first Task Webinar on the 24th March 2020 with guest speaker Marc Buckley who presented “Where to begin and how to integrate the SDG’s into your companies operational business model.”

Marc Buckley

We were greatly honoured to have Marc join us – his knowledge and expertise is outstanding, and he provided many insights into the SDGs including breaking down some common misconceptions around them.

Watch the full webinar

Marc Buckley

Supporting notes and documentation

We have put all of Marc’s documents plus his Keynote presentation with videos into a shared Google drive you can access:

  • Access the documents plus download Marcs Keynote presentation via this Google Drive link
  • Download the PDF that includes links to the references Marc has highlighted during his presentation

Contacting Marc

If you wish to talk to Marc about his expertise around ESG, Resilience, Sustainability, Impact, Food, Foresight, & Innovation, then email him via marc@marcbuckley.earth.