As you make the leap to become an efficient gatherer of your business critical data, improving engagement with your employees, understanding more about them, increasing your bottom line and bringing your team together to hit the key social and environmental goals of the business – you hit a snag.

How do you make sense of all this intelligence?

Enter Task Analytics – custom charts and dashboards that work across all your Task projects and centralise your impact data in one place, in real-time.

What is it?

Your own personal reporting database, hosted by Task, as part of the Advanced Subscription. No setup fees, no technical knowledge required, your reporting database sits in the background quietly gathering all the activity you track via Task.


An extra layer of security means that your stored activities are protected by blockchain technology – so you can provide long term reporting with absolute proof that your data has not been manipulated.

“Your first dashboard is on us for free as part of your Advanced Subscription”

Your first dashboard is on us for free as part of your Advanced Subscription – and can be accessed securely via select users you choose, or opened to public view – you get to decide.

For the tech-savvy it’s important to understand that this is *your* database. You can query, slice and dice your own data using the reporting API. Or you can leave it to us to do it for you.

How does it work?

Included as part of our annual service, the Task team will understand the data-driven story you’d like to tell, advise on the activities you should to track to create that story, and develop a custom plan for you that includes setup of your dashboard – tying you and your teams into your ongoing success.

Many organisations feel overwhelmed by the need to accurately report on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG’s). The Task team will understand your SDG targets and guide you to achieve them.

We’ll clearly differentiate your organisation from “greenwashing” outfits. You’ll get real insight into how your employees are performing, and your organisation can use these new metrics to improve performance like never before.

Case study – Halton Tennis Club

Halton Tennis Club (HTC) is a high-performance sports centre in the UK with a mission to create the next Wimbledon Champion. They are using Task to track activities around Everyball Enabled, their disabled tennis programme as well as ProV3, an initiative to support players in their quest to become professional athletes.

Engaging the team

HTC created their “EEEBEE” blockchain token as a means to reward their teams (as well as store their impact over time). Tennis coaches now earn EEEBEE’s when they track the disabled tennis programmes, as do the players who document their journeys as professional players.

The EEEBEE tokens can be redeemed for rewards setup and defined by HTC – and there’s a great opportunity to work with existing sponsors who are keen to provide additional rewards to the teams creating impact.

Delighting their supporters

In the case of HTC, it is critical to let the organisations funding their programmes – such as The UK national Lottery and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) – know how their money is being put to use.

“…it is critical to let the organisations funding their programmes – such as The UK national Lottery and the Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) – know how their money is being put to use”

Consequently HTC commissioned Task to create a custom dashboard that details funding use over time, providing real-time insight into where the funds are being channeled, as well as monthly totals of usage according to donors.

HTC has differentiated themselves greatly from the competition, they’re using transparency to support true performance, and they’re setting a benchmark that means maintaining and/or increasing future funding is more likely.

Further opportunity

To date HTC has implemented two important projects with Task – but the potential to track, reward and report is seen in many other areas of the business such as measuring goals against carbon reduction and offset programmes.

Getting started with Task Analytics

You’re sitting on a goldmine of opportunity but you can’t dig through the noise to reach it. You’d like to improve team morale, staff retention and see some social and environmental impact achieved. Or maybe you need to protect your bottom line in a world where efficiency is everything.

Contact the Task team by completing the form below to setup a free consultation about the metrics you could be gathering as an organisation – what it would mean for your team performance, morale and marketing.